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We're in the business of producing quality metal stampings.

Established in 1894, we have a long history of manufacturing metal components. Headquartered in McAllen, Texas, with a manufacturing facility in Reynosa, Mexico, we are equipped to handle products ranging from small, very intricate parts to large gage, deep drawn housings for nearly any type of industry. Bettcher encompasses a variety of presses, from 60 to 900 tons, and has the technology for processing progressive, line and transfer tooling. We are also equipped with many facets of fabrication.

As an engineering focused company, we offer our expertise while products are still on the drawing board as well as assisting in cost reduction efforts through design improvements.


Bettcher Manufacturing

Our metal stamping processes have the capability to meet the needs of many markets. With presses ranging in capacity from 60-900 tons, and as an ISO 9001:2008, ASR & ANAB registered company, you can count on quality first.



Bettcher has extensive experience working with customers related to HVAC applications. Not only do we have knowledge making components to this industry, but we also have expertise in the requirements of the final OEMs and certifications.


Parts come out of our factory very clean, rust free & very well preserved!

Commercial Trucking

We exceed expectations & meet automotive standards driven by these type of companies!


We understand the ways to remain successful in this business.

Other Markets

We tailor our quality systems to fit your requirements!

Products & Portfolio

At Bettcher, we manufacture products and solutions for our customers, from simple pressed/formed small parts to more elaborate and larger assemblies. This includes value added processes such as welding, fabricating, assembly, coating and plating. We make components for HVAC equipment, compressor parts, motor parts, refrigerator parts, motorcycle parts, commercial truck parts, just to name a few.

Our mission is to be recognized as a collaborative partner and world class manufacturing leader by bringing optimum value in the areas of:

  • Product Quality
  • On–time Delivery
  • Customer Service
  • Sustainability

By excelling in these areas we will create an environment that will allow Bettcher to responsibly grow and provide a secure and rewarding future for the entire community.

Our vision is simple as we strive to be:

  • Our customers’ preferred supplier.
  • A strong and sound company for our stakeholders.
  • An innovative company.
  • An extraordinary place to work.
  • A family!

ISO 9000 Certified

5801 George McVay Drive, Ste, 200
McAllen, Texas 78503

Manufacturing Facility
Avenida Industrial Rio San Juan 1966
Parque Industrial Del Norte, C.P. 88736
Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Bettcher’s extensive expertise includes sheet metal fabricating, robotic welding, spot welding, CNC machining, CNC press brake fabricating and others. We have a full portfolio of value add opportunities ready to satisfy your requirements.

We work closely with our customers, using the perfect combination of machine skills and manpower to offer customers integrated value added solutions. These include a combination of operations such as stamping, welding, trimming, grinding, assembly and more. Our welders and robotic welding processes are AWS certified.

Bettcher’s extensive equipment includes: 46 presses, from 60 to 900 Tons, Robot welding machines, resistant Spot welders, MIG Welding, Stud/PEM Riveting machines, Tapping machines, Trimming machines, four slide presses, CNC 2,3 & 4 axis Lathes, 3 axis CNC Mills, Precision Grinding, Vibratory De-burring, multiple 3 stage parts washers to wash, apply rust preventative and iron phosphate application, 2 Cranes of 15 tons and 1 crane of 5 tons.

  • Bettcher is an Engineering Focused Company. We offer our expertise while the product is still on the drawing board or can assist with cost reduction efforts through design and process improvements.
  • With a team of experienced tooling, project and manufacturing managers, at Bettcher, we ensure that each new project is managed professionally from start to finish.
  • Customers can count on projects being implemented on time. Fully integrated MRP with shop floor bar coding for real time data access and cost accounting. EDI capability with data exchange.

At Bettcher, our state of the art presses, combined with our experienced technicians and operators, allow us to provide on-time and cost effective stamping services to customers. We are able to process high quality components at low and high volumes. Having a variety of presses, from 60 to 900 Tons, and the technology for processing Progressive, Line and Transfer tooling makes our company unique and reliable.

We deliver products ranging from small, very intricate parts, to large gage deep drawn housings for nearly any type of industry. We have the following capabilities within Stamping: Piercing, Blanking, Forming, Coining, Shaving, Drawing, Deep Drawing, Odd-shaped Drawn Shells, Trimming, Pinch Trimming.

At Bettcher, we care about the environment. We meet or exceed all federal, state and local requirements in all environmental matters. The water used in our processes is 100% treated to ensure there is zero impact to the local environment. Additionally, Bettcher complies with many international environmental standards.

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